A Case for Green

The official color of the year (according to Pantone) is Greenery!

Every year the Pantone paint company comes up with a color of the year based on where current thrends and moods around the world are heading. Since they are a paint company the color is meant to show where interior decorating trends are heading, but it almost always lends itself to fashion and design as well. 

I am pretty excited about the direction of the color this year. For being slightly on the neon side, it has a cool and calming effect, that can be paired with neutral, jewel tone, and neon pallets. The happy and relaxing qualities of this color are exactly what I think a lot of people need right now given our current social and political climate. It creates a breath of fresh air just like the leaves it emulates!

Last years color(s) weren't my favorite. While I loved how Rose Quartz and Serenity embodied the growing acceptance of gender fluidity in our society, the colors themselves were pretty outdated. They reminded me of a living room set one of my friend's parents had growing up in the 90's. Not to mention it was sort of a cop out to not choose just ONE color.

Though a bold choice I can see myself wearing Greenery. You could use it as an accessory or statement piece to punch up an outfit. 

Or wear it head to toe!

I challenge you to get out into nature and find it naturally as well!

Visit my Pinterest page for some Greenery ideas to pick up for yourself!

Sounding Board

The other day I visited the Summerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. It is most likely the only mall in the state that has a Neiman Marcus, Saks, as well as other high-end boutique stores such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci. I love looking at all of the beautiful, fanciful clothes in theses stores. The unnecessary use of fur, embroidered denim, luxurious natural fibers, and exploratory shapes that the pieces can take on inspire me.

Going to places like this also make me sad because I want to be closer to these garments than just visiting them at the mall and devouring them online. I want to design them and style them and wear them. I also want to be surrounded by fun intelligent people that are just as excited about them as I am.

So I guess I will start here. A sounding board.

My hope is that I might, at the very least, use this space for self expression. Or maybe it will help me forge a path towards figuring out what it is I can do to pursue things that get me excited AND pay the bills. I also hope that people might join me in comments and that we all might learn something.